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Best Tabletop Wet Grinders Reviews

Mantra Prestige Heavy Duty Wet Stone Electric Grinder
Excellent Wet Stone Grinder that handles all the tough grinding of South India cooking.
Free Atta Dough Knedar and Coconut Scraper attachment Ideal for grinding dough for DOSA, IDLY, VADA, DHOKLA, etc.
Compact Table-top design with Stainless steel drum and High quality grinding stones
Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder
Compact and elegant unit for a modern day kitchen
High quality Stainless Steel drum and food grade plastic components. No BPA
Grind rice, pulses and beans to make dosa, idli, vada, urad, dokla, etc
Ultra Dura+ Table Top 1.25L Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader
Attractive Sleek Unit
Detachable Drum and Easy to Clean
Ideal to grind flour for Idli, Dosa, Urad, Vada, Dhokla, etc.

Best table top wet grinders

They may not be very popular in Western cuisine, but table top wet grinders start to gain more and more territory. After all, almost all of us love Indian food, which is why investing in the best table top wet grinder seems like a good idea. They may seem expensive, but trust me, they are worth it.

A tabletop wet grinder will be an excellent addition to your kitchenware. It is easy to use, you will be able to prepare delicious Indian food for your family, and you will have the satisfaction of using the right tool for the meals you are making. Nobody says that cooking cannot be fun, which is why I strongly recommend such a device. Moreover, we are not talking about old-school wet grinders. Nowadays, these devices are motorized for your convenience. You no longer have to put two stones together and use manual force to make the batter.

The benefits of having a tabletop wet grinder

While many of you may question whether or not a wet grinder is necessary for your kitchen, let me put your mind at ease. There are multiple ways to grind grains, but not all of them provide that authentic taste and texture of the food you want to make. Here is why table top wet grinders are the best at what they do:

  • They are equipped with granite stone plates – not many of you may know the difference between a granite grinder and one that is made of metal. What you need to know is that heat can affect the paste that comes out in the end. However, granite stones do not produce as much heat like metal, which is why the wet grinder is better when it is equipped with stones. The grain paste will be tastier and healthier.
  • You do not have blades to sharpen – it is true that the granite stones of the wet grinder will eventually wear, but not as fast as the metal blades of a conventional mixer. Not only that you do not have to concern yourself with sharpening, but the grinder will maintain its efficiency for a more extended period of time.
  • They are very easy to use – traditional wet grinders were a real hassle. They required manual labor and not the easy kind. Plus, you had to spend a lot of time grinding. However, modern wet grinders have motors that spin with hundreds of rotations per minute. They are very easy to use, and the only effort you need to make is to put the grain in and push a button. It is just as fast as it is efficient. The entire thing will last a few minutes.
  • Enjoy the versatility – yes, table top wet grinders are mostly used to make Indian food like pastes for dosas, dhokla, vada, and idlis. At the same time, you can use the device to make pulp vegetable soups, chutneys, or even make semi-solid masalas. As long as you use the grinder as recommended by the manufacturer, the sky is the limit.

What to look for when buying a table top wet grinder

If you decide that you want to purchase a table top wet grinder, you need to learn how to pick the best one. It is not difficult, but you must make sure that you are buying the right grinder for you. While there are many models you can find online, choosing the first one that comes in a search is not the best idea. You need to put everything in balance and take a look at the specifications so that you know you purchase the right thing. However, not everyone knows what to look, which is why I made a list of everything you should consider. Take a look:

  • Capacity – the capacity of your table top wet grinder depends on the size of your family. If you have a small family, then a 1.25 table top wet grinder is more than enough. However, if you have a large family, you may need a 2L wet grinder. This should be the first thing you look at. Most specifications can be found on all models. After you decide on the capacity, you can move onto the next significant aspect.
  • The quality of the stones – traditionally, wet grinders are made of granite. However, not all devices have them installed. Instead, they have low-quality stones that may break in time. My advice is to stay away from those because you can ingest small chips. Choose a model that features high-quality stones, preferably granite. Yet, not all high-quality stones are made of granite. You can find other types of rock that work just fine. There is no way of telling if the stones are good or not only by looking at them, which is why I recommend that you read some table top wet grinder reviews before making a purchase. That way you can know for sure whether or not a particular product s worth buying or not.
  • Weight and size – while the capacity of a wet grinder is one thing, the size and weight are another. You can choose from a variety of models. Some of them are quite heavy and occupy a lot of space, while others have a compact design and are lightweight. You should make a choice according to how much space you have in your kitchen. After all, you cannot place a large device on your small counter. Also, think about storage. You will probably not use the grinder every day, and you need a convenient space for storage. The larger the grinder, the more space you need.
  • Construction – grinding can be a brutal process, depending on what type of grains you want to use. That is why the device should have a sturdy and durable construction. Also, make sure that the rotor is made of high-quality metal such as stainless steel. You need something with low heat retention, but long-lasting at the same time. Stainless steel fits that criteria perfectly.
  • Price – table top wet grinders are not the cheapest of kitchen devices, which is why you need to establish a budget. However, try not to go very low because the price is determined by the quality of materials. A cheap table top wet grinder will not last very long, and you do not want to buy another one in a year or two, do you?

What are the best table top wet grinders?

Now that you learned the benefits of having a wet grinder and how to choose the best one, it is time to make an actual choice. You should buy the one that best fits your criteria, but if you are having trouble finding the right one, below you can analyze three excellent models that I think you will appreciate.

Mantra Prestige Heavy Duty Wet Stone Electric Grinder

The wet grinder from Mantra is among the favorites online. It is an excellent product of the highest quality that will not disappoint. It can handle any harsh grinding that is specific to Southern India cooking. Your food will be delicious, and I can honestly say that you will be happy with your purchase.

The Prestige model comes with a free Atta dough Kedar and coconut scraper attachment. That is perfect for grinding batter for dosa, idly, vada, dhokla, and much more. You will be able to use this grinder for a variety of meals, which only underlines the versatility I was talking about before. As for design, the Mantra Prestige is compact and lightweight. It has a stainless steel drum and high-quality grinding stones.

As for the operation, you would expect to make some noise, but in reality, this is a quiet table top wet grinder. It has a 2-liter capacity, which is ideal for big families, and the drum is entirely removable. Not only that makes it easy to clean, but you can always use it as a storage bowl. However, keep in mind that this product is made for use in USA and Canada at 110V and 60 Hz. If you want to use it somewhere else, my advice is that you buy a voltage converter or look for another product. Otherwise, you can damage the grinder.

Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder

Premier grinder is yet another product that caught my eye. I read some reviews about it and people who have already bought it declare themselves more than satisfied with it, which is why I thought you would like it as well. It is a compact and elegant device that will fit no matter what design your kitchen has. Instead of having the rotor next to the drum, it is located underneath, which also makes this grinder perfect for smaller kitchens.

The drum is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means it is durable. Also, the plastic components are made of food grade materials that do not contain BPA. That should put your mind at ease. The stones are of superior quality so that they will not chip anytime soon. You can grind anything, from the traditional Indian foods to vegetables and whatever else you may think of. You can grind rice, pulses, and beans to make idli, dosa, vada, urad, and much more. The capacity is 1.5 liters, and you can clean the grinder almost effortlessly.

You will also receive a few accessories that come in handy. As for construction, the double reduction gear drive means years of efficient use, but at the same time, it will not reduce the performance of the grinder. The powerful 200-watt motor works only in the US and Canada at 110 V and 60Hz, but you can always use an adapter for a safe and secure usage.

Ultra Dura+ Table Top 1.25L Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader

Last but not least, the wet grinder for Ultra is ideal for families with few members. Just as the title suggests, this device has a 1.25-liter capacity, which should easily be enough for a family of three or four. The device has a lovely and sleek design that will make it suitable for almost all kitchens, but the design is compact so that you can store it easily.

The drum is made of high-quality stainless steel which will last for many years, and at the same time, it is entirely detachable for effortless cleaning. The stones are also very good, but make sure that the first time you use it you put just a small quantity of grain so that you can give them a thorough cleaning. You will notice some blackness, but that happens to everyone, and it only happens in the beginning. You will have no issues afterward.

The rotor is made of stainless steel as well, which makes this device highly durable. However, just like the other two products, this one is designed for US and Canada voltage too. If you want to use it in Europe or AU, you should also look for a voltage converter or an adapter. Other than that, the Ultra Dura+ table top wet grinder is excellent, and you will enjoy using it.

My recommendation

I love Indian food, which is why a table top wet grinder is suitable for all of you who enjoy it as much as I do. They may be a bit pricey, but either one of the products above will last for years. However, if I were to choose one of the three, I would go with the Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder. It has a compact design that makes it easy to store, and since my kitchen is not very big and already packed with kitchenware, I think that this model is one of the best table top wet grinders you can buy.


Lucky for us, we now have all kinds of devices that make cooking more of a pleasurable experience rather than a chore. Tabletop wet grinders are the perfect example. Instead of manual grinding that takes hours, you can have your batter ready in a matter of minutes. Choosing one of the models above would be great, and I am sure that whichever you pick, you will appreciate it. Click here to buy on Amazon

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